Annecy – A Place Out of Fairy Tale​


Most of the beautiful places on earth, we always see them in images before we see them in real. Like we don’t have to see Paris in real to picture Eiffel tower in our head or travel Egypt to imagine the Pyramids.

Therefore, it is very rare to experience that unique feeling of seeing something beautiful for the first time.

I had one such experience when I traveled to Annecy last year.

Geneva, Switzerland

Long story short, I was on a visit to Switzerland with my family, and our family friend there decided to take us to Annecy. Truth be told, I had not even heard the name Annecy before – nevermind doing countless google searches of the place (which I always do to cut down my expenses). So, when we started our journey towards Annecy, I had no idea what was ahead in the store.

On our way from Geneva to Annecy

Annecy is a beautiful 90 minute drive from Geneva where you pass through breathtaking mountains and bridges. It was only when I reached Annecy that I realized I was not even in Switzerland anymore (kind of things that happen in Europe quite often!)

Bridges and mountains on the way

Situated between Lake Annecy and snow-capped mountains, Annecy lies in the Alps region of France. It is a small medieval town that offers you a perfect mix of art and nature.

Alps region of France

The first thing you see in Annecy is the Lake Annecy itself. Popularly known as the ‘cleanest lake in Europe’, the picturesque view of Lake Annecy, with its crystal clear water and breathtaking mountains in the background, is simply mesmerizing.

Annecy Lake

Just a few minutes walk from there, you reach the Old town in Annecy.

Old town in Annecy

The beautiful canals and delightful bridges of Old town have often led to people calling it the ‘Venice of the Alps’.

With its beautiful houses and colorful flower boxes on both sides – coupled with ducks and swans floating in the canal, the street lights and the mountains – the Old town in Annecy does feel like a place straight out of some fairy tale.

Canals in Annecy

The Old town also has a 12th-century castle known as Palais de l’Isle. One of the most famous points in Annecy, Palais de l’Isle divides the river below into two canals, thereby also resembling like a ship coming across the river.

Palais de l’Isle

Annecy is also famous for its lovely bakeries. At the end of your walk, you can sit around one of its bakeries with coffee and cake and admire the beauty that lies in front of your eyes. And if you are an ice-cream fanatic (like me), you can head to one of its gelaterias and try their ice-creams. (This is a must do trust me!)

Ice Cream

Strolling around the beautiful narrow streets of Annecy is one amazing feeling.

Annecy is an experience to behold.

And a gentle reminder to (at least once in a while) travel some place without knowing much about it.

Doesn’t have to be exotic. Doesn’t have to be far off. Just some place where you can experience that feeling of seeing something beautiful for the first time.

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  1. Ayushi Garg says:

    Such lovely content ❤️


  2. icedstein says:

    Beautiful, like a fairy tale!!

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