Midnight in Paris

Okay. I will admit it right away. I got a little carried away by the movie for this title.  But honestly, who would not?

Paris in itself is a fantasy. And add to that the outside chance of meeting Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso!

So, two years ago, I decided to spend one midnight just strolling along the streets of Paris, and take a walk from Arc de Triomphe to Notre Dame.

If you just walk straight, this is barely a one hour walk on google map.

But, of course, you should not (and you could not trust me on this!) walk this route without any pause. After all, this is easily the most beautiful walk in the world, where you will find almost all the Pearls of Paris – from monuments dating back to 3000 years to structures defying human imaginations.

So, I decided to take it slow and started my journey at the historic Arc de Triomphe.

Commissioned by the big man Napoleon himself, Arc de Triomphe honors the soldiers who fought and died for France in various wars.

Just a few minutes walk from the Arc, I reached the famous Champs Elysees avenue.

Champs-Elysees is one of the most expensive streets in the world. Slick and sexy, you can find the stores of almost all the luxury brands here. And, if you are not a shopping type of person like me, you can still pass your time looking at some of these fancy cars.

The glitz and glamour of Champs Elysees culminates in the art and antiquity of Concorde Square.

The Concorde Square is the largest square in the whole of Paris, and the largest square in Paris has also got the history of its own dimension. It is famous for its 3300 years old Luxor Obelisk, and is also the place where King Louis XVI was executed.

And if you happen to travel during Christmas time (which I did), you will also get to see this cool Ferris Wheel.

From Concorde, I strolled along the beautiful Tuileries gardens and finally reached the Louvre.

With its unparalleled collection of art (think Mona Lisa if you are a newbie in art like me), Louvre is the world’s largest art museum, and surely the most famous.

You could spend hours just admiring the beauty of the glass pyramids, which look almost golden under the lights.

After I was done with drooling over the glass pyramids, I took a detour towards a bridge (which they call Pont Neuf) and crossed the Seine river. And just a few minutes from there, I reached the Notre Dame.

Notre Dame, with its Gothic Architecture, looked every bit like one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

Lost in its magic and mystic, it was only the light mist around the cathedral that made me realize I had reached the end of my journey.

It must have taken me at least five hours to complete this otherwise one hour walk from Arc de Triomphe. And in between, I had seen some of the most beautiful and iconic monuments in the world.

Of course, I did not get to meet Hemingway and Picasso. But, truth be told, I had already forgotten about them by the time I had reached the end.

The beauty of Paris, with its time defying history and awe-inspiring architecture, makes you forget almost everything.

Paris is a magical city and it needs no recommendation.

But visit Paris at least once just for that magical walk.

Visit the city of lights when the light is on.

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  1. Amatya Bishesh says:

    nice one my friend…looking forward to another one


    1. Saurav says:

      Thanks Bishesh!


  2. anandita singla says:

    What a beautiful narration !!I am imagining you strolling the most beautiful streets of Paris 🙂


    1. Saurav says:

      Thank you Adandita!


  3. Barun says:

    wonderful storytelling and photography. Keep the posts coming.


    1. Saurav says:

      Thank you Barun dai! I have added a new one. Do give me your feedback!


  4. Alister Ryan says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Saurav says:

      Thank you Alister! 🙂


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