Backwaters in Kerala

Kerala is a state known for its amazing scenery. From its hills and waterfalls to its shacks and beaches, Kerala has got everything and is rightly known as God’s own country. But still, when you think of Kerala, the first image that pops us in your head is its backwaters.

Backwaters are freshwater bodies that are close to the sea but are separated by thin strips of land. Backwaters are formed by the sea water, collected from the too and fro motion of sea waves.

A few days back, I (finally!) got to experience the famous backwaters of Kerala. I was with my family, and we took a cruise in Poovar, a small coastal village just an hour drive from Trivandrum (capital of Kerala).

Since I am writing about backwaters, I have decided to stock my article with more pictures than words – mainly because it’s more fun to see pictures of nature than read in words, and also because I am a little hungover from the trip (and quite lazy) to write! 

So, anyway, here we go. Here is the gallery of my backwater cruise in Kerala – the one filled with mangrove forest, wild birds, floating cottages and golden sand beach, all running parallel to the coast of Arabian Sea. 

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