Tibet – Memento Paradiso

Tibet is the closest thing to the fabled Shangri-La on earth.

It is a fantasy land far beyond the hills and the Himalayas, intertwined with treacherous roads and sparkling rivers, and painted with picturesque meadows and mountains. 

Mountains on the Nepal side

Far across some of the most awe-inspiring high passes in the world (some above 5000 meters). 

High Passes in Tibet

And with landscapes beyond imagination. 

Landscape of Tibet

Experiencing the landscape of Tibet had always been on my bucket-list, and I finally got the opportunity during my travel to Lake Mansarovar and Mount Kailash in Tibet. 

As Tibet is a huge region (with its area more than 8 times that of Nepal), there is so much to see and explore still, like the holy city of Lhasa itself that I hope to travel to one day. 

Since I was able to capture some of my memories in pictures, I am calling my collection “Memento Paradiso“.

Tibet – Memento Paradiso
The bridge (border) separating Nepal and China
Forest and Streams on the way towards Kerung in Tibet
Rivers and Reflections on the way from Kerung to Saga in Tibet
Picturesque meadows on the way
Roads across the high passes
Kiang, the largest of the wild asses native mostly to the Tibetan Plateau
Lake Mansarovar in Tibet
Sunset in Lake Mansarovar
Lake Rakshastal in Tibet
Mountains in Transhimalaya Tibet
South face of Mount Kailash, as seen from Darchen, Tibet
Tibetan Yak near Dirapuk in Tibet (4800 meters)
Plateau Pika, a small mountain dwelling mammal found mostly on Tibetan Plateau
Tibetan Monasteries
Hills and trails near Dirapuk, Tibet (above 4800 meters)
Cliffs and Waterfalls near Mount Kailash
North face of Mount Kailash, as seen from Dirapuk, Tibet

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  1. Aaditya Khanal says:

    Wow, great pics and a vivid description. Keep up the great work!


  2. Amatya Bishesh says:

    nice pics and storytelling


    1. Saurav says:

      Thank you Bishesh! 🙂


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